Kasino Concert P.A.

The 100 watt (RMS) Kasino Concert P.A. from the early '70's!

We bought this beauty for our P.A. back in '73 and it worked just fine.
Never gave us a minute of trouble.
I kept it long after the band broke up and used it for my keyboards.
4 channels was just perfect.

Here's the ad page from Kustom.

12-8" speakers and 200 watts peak!
In the 30+ years I used this thing, I never had so much as a scratchy pot!
Totally flawless performance.

I finally sold it a few years ago. The only problem with it was the leather wrapped handles were starting to come apart.

This had been used and borrowed over the years.
Many a celebrity had spoken over it including Wallace & Ladmo with Gerald and even Sugar Ray Leonard for a press conference in Phoenix back in 1983.
Sugar Ray leaning on one of the columns.

I had a hard time parting with this work horse, but it was time for someone else to enjoy!